Remnants is an open world sandbox survival game which is being developed on the Unreal Engine 4!

Tackle starvation, dehydration, thermal conditions, radiation poisoning, toxic gas inhalation along with trying to keep your sanity intact. Shack up, cook some chicken, make friends or enemies, discover and explore while learning and further developing your skills. Use your individual strategies to construct your own unique gameplay experience.

Our Goal is to bring forth a game which offers an experience that anyone can enjoy. We offer gameplay design decisions which allow for gameplay based on your own imagination and approach, no cheap magic tricks are required to be the ultimate survivor. Some design features are inspired by other works of interactive entertainment, making use of proven modern conventions. However, it is our overall ideas and concepts that will shape the face of the Remnants universe into something exceptional.

Remnants has been developed from the ground up to support dedicated and listen servers. You’ll be able to host a local game invite your friends for some PVE action, or jump onto a dedicated server and meet some new friends or enemies – the choice is yours!

Remnants has been coded so that server wipes are only required on map updates, so it’s great for people that only have limited time to play, your game progress won’t be wiped for no reason.

Player grieving is something we want to account for, but we also don’t want to take away the fun from base raiding, so we have come up with our own idea how to solve these issues keeping everyone happy, like most games we won’t be following these unrealistic no build zones concept and rather limit players from upgrading within these zones and not removing the need to strategize when building your base.

Remnants features biomes which offer there own unique challenges and visuals, we plan to expand our weather system to also offer seasonal effects for each biome type.

Character Vitals System

Throughout the game you’ll be looking after your character’s vitals which include: food, water, radiation and toxicity levels, wellness and insanity. Pushing your character too hard may cause all sorts of strange things to happen…

Items Grades

One thing we set out not to do is use player ranks to lock away features. Instead, you can loot for tools that are combined with your workbench and tool belt. These in-world upgrades increase the chance of your character crafting higher grade items. No two items are created the same, nothing is created equal – so craft a bunch and pick the best of the batch!

Grades affect item stats, durability and attachment slots on your weapons.

Base Building

Remnants offers its own unique style of base building that gives you the option to map out your base before even building it. No more hours spent building and upgrading only to realize you can’t place that last crucial piece. This system gives players the ability to work together to build large bases with virtually limitless options. Work together or alone to upgrade your base though the various construction tiers (sticks, wood planks, stone, tin and sheet metal), with more tiers on the way.

Game Events

PVP Airdrops that include important and desirable loot, with the risk of other players or groups rushing alongside you to claim it for themselves. But that’s where the similarity with other airdrops ends, because Remnants also features PVE Airdrops which attract nearby animals or creatures that swarm the area, creating a fierce challenge to reach the loot contained within. In each airdrop event you are up for one heck of a challenge to claim the prize.

Relentless NPC hordes that will make you to defend your base from the crazy radiated locals which will attack your structures just to steal your precious chicken or canned beans.

Torrents of Acid Rain, which forces unequipped players (mainly those in their birthday suit) to take immediate shelter wherever they can. Ouch!

Random toxic gas leaks, the ever present risk of random underground gases that can leak out into the atmosphere and affect areas of the map at random. Make sure you bring your gas mask!

All these options are fully toggleable at the server level to ensure you survive the world how you want to.

Inventory System

Remnants uses a slot based inventory system that also takes the weight of held items into account. Backpacks can be crafted or looted for that modify the carry capacity of your character. Carrying too much weight will hinder your character’s movements. Looting is highly encouraged, but greed will stifle you. You also have the power to repair basic items on the fly, while higher tier items will require repair kits and a workbench to bring them back to life.


We don’t want looting to feel boring, where everything can just be acquired by looting enough containers – this just becomes tedious. We want players to see a loot box in the distance and lock onto it with excitement at the reward contained within. Game progression is important and we want players to feel like they are being rewarded after an exhausting loot run.

Electrical System 

Remnants has a fully fleshed out electrical system that includes generation, transmission and consumption. From environment and fuel based generators to lights, doors, traps and even heaters for winter – Remnants has it all.

Don’t feel like paying for the power you consume? That’s fine, just hook into your friend’s or build near an existing power source like a street light or a buildings fuse box and plug straight into the grid. Just make sure nobody cuts your power or you’ll be left in the dark…

You also able to restore power to abounded structures as no body likes sitting in the dark.


If you’re craving a nice steak for dinner, head out and find one of the many healthy animals on offer, or find a suitable fellow survivor that fills your appetite…

These tasty treats don’t particularly like becoming your next meal, so make sure you’re up to the task.


Remnants features a variety of nodes spread across the world that can be gathered for crafting and other uses. Using the correct tools will provide a bonus when gathering these resources.

You are also able to place down a garden bed and grow your own food supplies, hopefully resulting in a bountiful harvest for you, or a looting extravaganza for another lucky player.


Parts can be looted or crafted that are then used to construct your very own vehicle (sorry, custom plates not included). Remnants currently features a quad bike, with more vehicles planned for the future.

Mod support is a must for us. Giving the community the power to create their very own maps and game features is something we are keen to provide given the chance. When building Remnants we have created easy to set up zones and an auto landscape material tool that handles the bulk of terrain generation. Details of modding support will be further detailed at a later date.