About Remnants

Your goal is to survive and overcome deadly threats against your well-being, tackle starvation, dehydration, thermal condition’s, radiation poisoning, toxic gas inhalation along with keeping your insanity intact, pushing your body to its breaking point over and over in a period of time will cause even the strongest to lose their minds, shack up, cook some chicken, make friends or enemy’s while fending off what else may wonder these harsh lands.

What Is Remnants

Remnants is a open world sand box survival game heavily inspired by Legacy, as somethings may seem the same our goal is mainly to capture its robust game-play, we have created our own legacy style map from scratch so we have a good starting area that people can somewhat related to, we plan to work with the community to balance and build Remnants into a game that’s has a great game play experience.

Early Access Coming Soon



A two man team that’s dedicated and driven by passion for game development.